What is Nightworks?
This is the offical home of Nightworks - record label founded by Radicall, closely connected with atmospheric/melodic drum'n'bass scene and record labels such as Covert Operations, Drone Audio, Absys, Red Mist, Soultropia, Levitated and Substance. Our aim is to release atmospheric drum'n'bass, as well as other genres, like breakbeat or ambient. Each and every work will be the next element of a puzzle we create. The next sentence of a story we tell.

Plusk Remixes Part One
Closer (Stunna remix)
Ordinary Dreams (Simba remix)

Featuring tracks from Plusk album in form of two different remixes, Nightworks Music proudly present first part of 'Plusk Remixes'. Stunna offers a harmonious and warm re-interpretation of 'Closer'. In "Ordinary Dreams" Simba brings forth a drum'n'bass dancefloor smasher, portraying the atmospherics from the original track in a totally rewarding light.


Plusk - "Plusk" LP
Plusk is the production alias of Krzysztof Golinski, well-known from his drum'n'bass project Radicall.

The new release, entitled "Plusk", features 10 brand-new tracks influenced by various music genres like downtempo, garage, drum'n'bass and minimal. Plusk takes listeners to a sonic dreamworld full of nostalgic, lo-fi samples, deep basslines, esoteric pads and glitchy drum patterns.


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www.soundcloud.com/radicall (new tracks)
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